14th March 2018

Trainers that match the floor’
It all began the previous night. I went through my gear just to make sure I had everything ready. Body?…Check; Lens?…..Check; Batteries charged?….Check. You get the picture right? (excuse the pun.) Yes I was set, ready and raring to go.
8am…the Alarm sounded and I sprung from my pit. Although the sun was shining there was still a chill in the air, but I wasn’t deterred, I knew this was going to be a good day. Donning my trainers and finger-less gloves, I grabbed my gear and headed out the door. I was on my way.
As I entered Mountfitchet Station with my trusty Canon 70D fixed with my favorite lense, a Nifty-Fifty (Canon 50mm). I was poised and ready to shoot. I spotted the two guys below heading to the bridge for the London bound platform, following them up and over, I snapped my two initial shots before settling down to wait for my train to the City.
Never wanting to miss an opportunity I snapped away  and captured ‘The Stansted Express’ and ‘Buy one get one.’

Like I said, I never want to miss an opportunity, so even as the train picks up speed, London bound I grab another shot. ‘As I travel I reflect.’ Yes I’m always on the lookout.

As I travel I reflect
As the train pulled into Liverpool Street Station, I grabbed my gear and and headed into the big wide world beyond the confines of the carriage. Following my fellow travellers who seemed to be ‘On the Case.’ I made my way into the station terminal to see what’s what and who’s who. It’s only just gone 11 am so I’d missed the rush hour people traffic but there was still a lot of activity. I headed up the escalator and perched myself above the crowds, scanning for my next shot. There it was ‘The movements of Liverpool Street.’
Now my Street Photographers adrenaline was kicking in I was in my comfort zone or as I call it “People watching through my lense.’ It was then I captured ‘Oh you do make me laugh’ and ‘OMG, Who farted’

Now was the time to do what I came here to do, hit the streets of London proper. Exiting the station I found myself on Liverpool Street and as I stood having a quick cigarette my new friend here, pictured in “Something always holding me back” approached , “Do You have a spare smoke.” he asked. Initially my answer was ‘No sorry mate’ but my heart strings tugged. A smile formed on his lips as he took a deep draw in and as I caught the reflection from the flame that lit his eyes, I could sense the hardship and sadness; like the blanket that shrouded his frame, he carried with a burden. Wishing him well, I turned away just in time to see the armed police unit enter the station. This one I called ‘Phew, they didn’t see me.’

Exchanging  my camera for my phone, I studied the maps to get my bearings, when a message popped up from an Instagram friend Mark Roche. “I’m in London too if you fancy meeting up.” it read.
After a bit of  indecisions as to where to meet we decided on Covent Garden and as I headed to the tube station I snapped my final image here ‘No Standards this Evening.’

Flummoxed, I stood looking at the criss-cross lines that made up the underground map. Ok Yellow line to Kings Cross then Blue line to Covent Garden. As I traversed the myriad of tunnels from Yellow to Blue, I grabbed the chance to capture ‘The 11:43’ and ‘It went without me.’

Finally reaching my meet up destination I came across a dilemma. Take the lift, behind the crowd of five bodies deep or climb a staggering 193 step spiral staircase. Surely my lungs were free from my last intake of nicotine by now? Yes the 193 steps it was.


9 thoughts on “14th March 2018

  1. Speechless when I look at the photos. They need to be exhibited in a London Gallery. You are capturing real people doing everyday things. It’s real life at its best. Good luck for your future Mel with this very exciting venture.

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  2. Hey Mel love the new blog I’m very Inspired thanks for the mention much appreciated.
    Hope to travel the street with you again.
    Cheers Mark Roche

    Liked by 1 person

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