14th March part Two

So I wasn’t out of breath after the long climb up those 193 steps and exited the station to the bustling metropolis of Covent Garden. The sun was shining and blue sky peeped out from behind the wispy clouds, giving the day a spring like feel. Well I’m truth spring was just around the corner. As was this:

Bridge of Aspiration

The Bridge of Aspiration, connecting the Royal Ballet School with a direct link to the Grade ii listed Royal Opera House. I was so aspired when this shot was shortlisted for possible publication in EYE-Photo Magazine.

So on to meet Mark. Heading along the cobbled street towards Covent Garden Market I stopped once more as this scene caught my eye. The young lady; possibly a tourist was crouched using a camera what seemed to me, one before the digital era and it was nice that the gentleman with her smiled without me having to say “Cheese.”

Before Digital

As I was going in the general direction of Apple Market and after giving a return smile (In street photography I always smile; either before, during or after the shot. I believe it puts my subject at ease when a stranger points a camera at them.)

Continuing on and in the general direction of Apple Market, I messaged Mark to let him know I was there. That was after I got down and dirty  to capture this shot. I learnt from the young lady; crouch, get close to the street.

With my bean bag in situ, I checked the settings. AV Mode (my favorite for Street Photography), Aperture F22 (to get everything in focus), shutter speed 1/80 and ISO 800 (so as not to make the shot to grainy). I flipped the view screen open, pressed the shutter and hey-presto. oh, yes I shoot in Black and white too btw.


I will also share this shot of the same area, I took a few weeks prior.

As I brushed the dust from my knees, a roar of applause and laugher filled the air. Had an unexpected crowd gathered behind me? Was my creation being judged, even before I had time to post process it? (A photographers term for edit, but more on that later.)

It was neither of the above and as I rounded the next bend, all became clear.

To be continued…….


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