14th March part three

Well there it was, as I rounded the bend all the became clear. My photography wasn’t the centre of attention after all…no the crowds, that lined the pavement were drawn to that days entertainment, and why not? The sun was shining, it was a good day.

As I looked on, laugher filled the air as the entertainer grabbed the audiences attention, I have to admit he was funny and I just had to get a shot of him in action. My view point wasn’t the best and as I was still awaiting Marks arrival I decided to have a little wander and grab some Street shots as I did so.

Making my way back to the square, I found just the spot I wanted, directly in front of the entertainer but little did I know that not only was he the centre of my attention, I was his. Yes he clocked me and my camera.

“I charge you know.” He said, laughing and holding out his hand. We bantered together, much to the delight of ‘our’ audience, before my new sidekick returned to the spotlight.

And he even posed for me.

But to some, they were oblivious of the man up a ladder.

And some even had time for a nap.

Now to finally meet Mark. I gave the entertainer a thank you nod, bowed to my audience and once again started to look for a man with a camera, bearing in mind I had only seems Mark’s profile picture on social media. (ummm needle in haystack springs to mind. How many people with cameras in one of the worlds finest cities?)

After waking round Covent Garden more than once and a few messages exchanged we eventually met. Introductions were made and we hit it off instantly. Of course like you do when meeting someone you have never actually met before, we did the honourable thing and showed each other what shots we had taken so far. Coffee was suggested but eager to get to our next destination, was skipped. So it was decided, Camden Town by way of the underground. But of course grabbing some more shots on the way.


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