14th March part four

Camden Town, what a place. Maybe for me it was excitement, but even before we exited the station I could sense a vibe about the place, it seemed to fill the very air, it fuelled my adrenaline. It was a rush; like the air that’s forced from the tunnel by the incoming train, it surrounded me. And as you might have guessed, my camera was at the ready.

Darkness Underground
Ghost Driver

The March air hit us once again as we got street side and immediately my eyes were everywhere; scanning the scene, composing my next shot, even before I raised the camera eye level the images were in my head.

I nodded to Mark; he smiled in return, knowing my thoughts. “Let’s do this.” I said.

It was almost immediately that we met these lovely characters.

Cool Dudes
Na, I’m not camera shy
The Prince himself

I don’t think I’ve ever met such a lively, upbeat bunch and Foster (aka Princefoster) had such an infectious laugh that matched his personality. Handing me an audio CD he informed me that he runs a small record label called Metro sound and could I donate to the cause. It was a pleasure and in doing so allowed me to grab those few shots in the process. We said our goodbyes and promising  to send foster the shots I had taken on we went; further up the street, taking breaths between clicks.

1 minute Tattoo 
Seriously!!! Your my offspring?
Yes, it’s what I do.
Checking the Chicken

As we ventured on towards Camden Lock Bridge I stopped in my tracks to get a shot that was before me. Oblivious of the couple that were walking ahead I fired my shutter. The guy turned and apologised for ruining my view. “It’s fine, you two make a much better shot.” I replied.

As you can see the young lady found it funny and I received a kindly thumbs up from the gent.

Funny Photographer

Yes, I was right and as you can imagine Camden if a colourful place, full of colourful characters. So I couldn’t miss capturing some and including them for you to enjoy.

My colourful friend
Just Red
Beautiful individualism

Part five coming soon to a blog near you……


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