14th March part five

Well there it was; in all its glory, the thing that had drawn Mark and I along Camden high street. I bet your thinking, “The Lock” right? Almost….. But wrong….. It was the aroma of ‘The Bean’ Coffee was finally calling. And what better way to enjoy it than with new friends. And once again […]

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14th March part four

Camden Town, what a place. Maybe for me it was excitement, but even before we exited the station I could sense a vibe about the place, it seemed to fill the very air, it fuelled my adrenaline. It was a rush; like the air that’s forced from the tunnel by the incoming train, it surrounded […]

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14th March part three

Well there it was, as I rounded the bend all the became clear. My photography wasn’t the centre of attention after all…no the crowds, that lined the pavement were drawn to that days entertainment, and why not? The sun was shining, it was a good day. As I looked on, laugher filled the air as […]

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14th March part Two

So I wasn’t out of breath after the long climb up those 193 steps and exited the station to the bustling metropolis of Covent Garden. The sun was shining and blue sky peeped out from behind the wispy clouds, giving the day a spring like feel. Well I’m truth spring was just around the corner. […]

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14th March 2018

It all began the previous night. I went through my gear just to make sure I had everything ready. Body?…Check; Lens?…..Check; Batteries charged?….Check. You get the picture right? (excuse the pun.) Yes I was set, ready and raring to go. 8am…the Alarm sounded and I sprung from my pit. Although the sun was shining there was still […]

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