Why Street?

It’s my Passion, My Kick, My Buzz call it what you will, the streets is where I belong.

When I picked up my first camera; oh back when I was a teen, it was a film one, you know the sort (well if your old enough) I had to open the back, insert a film cartridge and manually wind it on so I could take my first photograph. From that day on, I was hooked on photography.

Things have progressed so much since then, I may have gone digital but the passion is still there; its in my blood, the adrenaline I feel on the streets course through my veins. But for me; it isn’t just about walking the street, snapping away. No its about you, about the characters of the streets. It’s about having a rapport, a connection. It’s about being able to walk up to you, joke with you and laugh with you. At the end of the day if it wasn’t for you, what would I photograph. You are my Streets, My kick, My Buzz.

I people watch with my camera.