Travel light

I wasn’t always a Street Photographer; it was only this year, 2018, February to be exact that I thought I would venture into London to take a few shots. Packed to the nines with two camera bodies, four lenses, filters, tripod. The works and what did I shoot CityShots. Don’t get me wrong, I was pleased with the outcome.

My next shoot I went light. Two bodies. Two lenses and and tripod for long exposure shots, but out of both pieces of equipment I only used the shots from one. My canon 70d and my “Nifty-Fifty” (50mm) and for my last, most recent shoot I went even lighter. The 70d, the 50mm and an 28-90mm. Oh and this time a screw on beanbag for the long exposures.

Of all three shoots, as far as Street Photography goes, the second and most recent have produced some of my best shots. So it’s a lesson I’ve learnt that you don’t need too much equipment to get pleasing results. Travel light.